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Institute of Chemistry named after V.I.Nikitin, Academy of Sciences, Republic of Tajikistan

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Institute of Chemistry named after V.I.Nikitin, Academy of Sciencesof the Republic of Tajikistan

299/2, Aini St., Dushanbe, 734063, Tajikistan




ISTC Projects
2901: Effective Light Source, 3490: Elements of Field Emission Video Screens, T-1090: Aluminum Alloys for Cable Technology, T-1149: Assimilation of Aluminum Hydride, T-1158: Aluminosilicate Ores and Aluminum Industry’s Wastes, T-1169: Pollutants around Uranium Industrial Objects, T-1231: Monitoring of Ozone in Tajikistan, T-1381: Materials for Magnetic Refrigeration, T-1419: Colon-Specific Drug Delivery Systems, T-1420: Pectin Production, T-1436: Agricultural Chemicals to Ensure Food Safety, T-1508: Uranium Wastes Treatment, T-1597: Materials on Base of Rare Earth Elements, T-1598: Isolation of Antimony Mercurial Ores, T-1625: Thermoelectric Materials with Rare Earth Elements, T-1762: Pyrimidine Derivatives, T-1781: Protection of Steel Constructions from Corrosive Destruction, T-1822: Nanomaterials Based on Oxides of Rare Earth Elements, T-1882: Nano-Size Powders, T-1892: Sources of Food Contamination, T-1978: Pectin-Polyphenol Advanced Material, T-2003: Biotechnology of Persistent Ores, T-2005: High-temperature thermoelectric materials, T-2034: High-temperature thermoelectric materials, T-2035: Processing of persistent ores, T-2039: Healthy Food Additives, T-2041: Drug Form of Sirolimus, T-2067: Нigh-temperature thermoelectric materials, T-2074: Graphene-like nanostructures and composites, T-2112: Processing of rebellious gold ores, T-2145: Monitoring of food supply chain, T-2148: Functional Food Additives, T-2176: Synthesis, characterization, toxicity of new graphene-like nanomaterials, T-2219: New high-temperature thermoelectric materials

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